"Phil's assistance has been
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Funding Care

I will help you to decide on the best way of paying care fees to match your circumstances and wishes. I will put you in an informed position and show you what opportunities are available.

As a member of Symponia, an organisation that is dedicated to helping people and their families with all their care fees planning needs, no one is better placed to provide the impartial financial advice you're seeking.

In this complex area of financial planning I work purely on a fee basis, just like your accountant and solicitor, and I do not accept commission from insurance companies. This emphasises the fact I am working for you and in your best interests and that the advice I give is truly bespoke.

Personal meetings

A face-to-face meeting is vital if we are to discuss your personal circumstances and requirements and we will endeavour to meet you at a time and place to suit yourself. No disrespect intended, but if you are elderly we usually advise that there is a family member, a friend or even a solicitor present at the meeting. This is inline with our comapny's policy on dealing with elderley and vulnerable people. This first meeting is usually at our expense. If you decide to take things forward we will agree a fee for our remuneration so there will be no unexpected costs. We will gather as much information as we can, complete thorough and detailed research and present all your options by way of a comprehensive discussion document.

Paying Care Home Fees

Anyone with assets, savings or income that places them beyond the means test financial thresholds will be responsible for the paying of their own care home, nursing home or care at home (domiciliary) fees.

However, with careful thought it may be possible to structure a finance plan that will enable care fees to be paid indefinitely, without worrying whether the money will run out.

With our expertise we can structure a plan that uses, in the most tax efficient way, a proportion of your assets and capital to fund a finance policy generally called an Immediate Care Plan (sometimes known as ICPs or Immediate Annuities or Care Fees Payment Plans). When set up correctly they realise an agreed tax-free amount at regular intervals to pay some or all of the care fees.

As part of the overall plan we can also ensure that your other assets and capital are protected should you wish to leave an inheritance for your family.

Will, Powers of Attorney & Inheritance Tax Planning

I can advise on the most tax-efficient ways to structure your future plans and I can also assist with information on preparing your will and lasting power of attorney in order to ensure your finances are protected and your wishes adhered to. However, although I can provide guidance I should point out that Oak Financial Advice Ltd does not write these important documents preferring instead to recommend you to a solicitor that specialises in these complex legal areas.


As an experienced financial adviser I can help ensure that you are claiming all the benefits to which you may be entitled.


For care homes, senior citizen's groups, solicitors and other social organisations, I can arrange to speak to members as a group on the benefits of efficient financial planning for care fees.

I am available to arrange presentations in most parts of the North West of England.

If you'd like to know more, please contact me.