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Funding Long Term Care

Below are a few of the main areas where questions often arise. I will be happy to go through these with you,

Am I claiming the correct state benefits?

Will my property have to be sold?

How do "care annuities" work?

Do I need a Will?

What does a Lasting Power of Attorney do?

Should I have assets in trust?

Do I qualify for NHS continuing health care?

Will my beneficiaries have to pay inheritance tax?

What is the most tax efficient way to fund care fees?

I'm in care and worried that my funds will run out.

It is vital you are aware of the answers to all the above questions if you or a family member are considering entering a residential care or nursing home or considering care at home (domiciliary care).

Feel free to contact me if you are unclear on any of the steps and I can provide advice on the best course of action.