"Phil's assistance has been
invaluable throughout
this difficult period."

Welcome to Care Fee Adviser

Planning for long term care can be a complex and worrying concern.

Not only for the elderly people themselves, but equally for relatives or friends who want to be quite certain that the care funding decisions made are the right ones for everyone concerned..

As a fully qualified Chartered Financial Planner, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) an Associate of The Personal Finance Society and a Symponia Master Practitioner member I have the highest qualifications to help you with a whole range of advice regarding residential care or nursing home fees as well as domiciliary arrangements.

Care Home Funding with Jargon Free Advice

More importantly I will explain everything about care fees planning in clear, everyday language without any confusing jargon. I'll also help you fully understand the various options available to you and how you can make best use of what you already have.

Your investments or assets can help you fund the level of care you think you will require, whether it's now or for some time in the future.

I realise that it can appear to be extremely bewildering but rest assured I'll explain everything in a friendly, personal and easy to understand way.

I'll point out the advantages and disadvantages of the various options. I'll tell you if there are any pitfalls. In other words I'll help you to find the best way to manage care fee funding with a plan that will match both your personal and family requirements.

You can contact me here.